Daniel Horne

Services Offered

Daniel Horne is a freelance systems administrator and programmer based in Lancaster, UK.

I hold a B.Sc in Combined Science (computing/physics) as well as an M.Sc in Advanced Computer Science from Lancaster University, and am a current PhD candidate.

For tasks which require physical visits, I will take jobs in Lancaster, its surrounding areas including Morecambe, Heysham and Carnforth, and other places within approximately one hours journey. I will accept tasks which can be done purely by remote from any location.

Systems Administration

Significant experience of administrating GNU/Linux based systems, including Debian, Gentoo, and CentOS distributions.

Programs used include Postfix, Courier, and Sendmail for mail delivery, the Apache web server, the Squid web proxy, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, though I'm also willing to take on jobs pertaining to other programs.

Secondary experience in the administration of Microsoft Windows networks, including Active directory, Exchange, and IIS servers.

I am willing to work on the basis of support for specific incidents, or to take on systems administration tasks on the basis of a maintenance contract.

I also offer hosting accounts (including web/email or custom application hosting) to custom specifications, upon request.


Experience in:

Lesser degrees of experience with Ruby, assembly language programming, C#.net and scheme.

As such, I'm willing to take on development contracts for anything from minor scripting to full applications.


Please contact me at enquiries@danielhorne.co.uk in order to discuss your requirements.